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  • Massachusetts Constable Services

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    Are you a landlord or an attorney who is starting or is involved in the eviction with your tenant? Eviction is very detailed process and requires correct steps in order to minimize time and effort.

    Proxima can help you with serving all eviction related documents in Massachusetts. We help landlords, attorneys and anyone else who needs constable or process service from start to finish.

    We service any part of Massachusetts. By having mutual agreements with other constables we can help you with your eviction case in any city or town. We maintain all licenses and bonds as required by Massachusetts law.

    We can help you with:

    Preparation and Serving:

    - 14 Day and 30 Day Notices
    - Summary Process Summons and Complaint
    - 48 Hour Notice


    - Execution for possession
    - Moving and storing tenants belongings

    Let us help you with your eviction issues. You can call us at 617-588-0111 ext.3 or email us through Contact Us page.

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