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  • Eviction Management Services

  • Eviction can be difficult, stressful and costly process for any landlord. Proxima provides tenant eviction services for new and existing clients to help with tenants who have failed to pay rent. We focus on helping you to protect your property investments by completing the eviction in the fastest time possible.

    Problem with tenants?

    - Tenants not paying rent
    - Need your property back to sell
    - Illegal sub-letting, drugs or other illegal activities
    - Property is being damaged


    - Eviction Constable Services
      -- Preparation of 14 and 30 Day Notices
      -- Ensuring all legal notices are served by MA appointed constable or sheriff
    - Eviction Moving Services
      -- Eviction Moving arrangements to legally remove tenants belongings
    - Eviction Storage arrangements
      -- Bonded Storage arrangements to legally store tenants belongings
    - Overseeing preparation of all documents required for the court
    - Hiring attorney at Proxima preferred rates to help streamline the process in more difficult cases
    - Appearing in court when necessary

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    Let us help you with your eviction issues. You can call us at 617-588-0111 ext.3 or email us through Contact Us page.